Ethnic separatist’s agitation not in masses interest – TPAP-M

The Peoples Alternative Political Movement (TPAP-M) Monday said that ethnic separatist’s agitations are not going to serve the interest of Nigeria masses.

TPAP- M stated this at a press conference addressed by its Oyo state coordinator, Comrade Shola Omorege, in Ibadan Monday.

Comrade Omorege stated that the separatists are not also capable of addressing the misery and poverty of the people, particularly, the Nigeria masses .

The TPAP-M coordinator said the agitations across the country, is a most manifest indication of the grievous failure and catastrophic incompetence of Nigeria’s ruling class 61 years after the departure of the colonial regime.

He said: “Separatist and secessionist agitations have become not only incessant, but have also assumed greater stridency.

” Our position on ethnic separatist agitation, including secessionist demands, is that they are not going to serve the interests of the masses of Nigeria’s working people, nor are they capable of addressing the misery and poverty of our people.

“The main point of our objection is that it is unlikely that Nigeria can be broken up peacefully. Secondly, even if a peaceful breakup can be negotiated, very massive economic and social dislocations akin to a war will occur.

” And thirdly, this ruling class and its various factions have been proved by their precedents to be historically incapable of building and managing a society based on social justice and equitable access to and distribution of societal wealth.”