Eulogising the African woman

The African is sensitive and accommodating, exhibiting courage, master piece of great dignity. She is a piece of peace, a unique being who is derived from the rib’s of a man, an absolute personality with an unending love and a pure heart of gold for herself, husband, children and the world at large.

 She grows from a girl to a lady and from a lady to a woman with high spirit, bestowed with beauty and brain that speaks so well of a good personality. Her perfection mixed with flaws, she is a puddle but normal, she is a classic shade of light; she is a cakewalk to happiness.

 She is a true definition of a man’s helper, she toil day and night to make sure there is food on the table, she always give a helping hand to her husband whenever he come short. She is indeed a role model to the young ones and the society at large.

 “O” come follow me to Africa the city of love, come follow me to the smooth road of affection, come follow me to my father’s land, come follow me on this journey to seek for true love “The African Woman” indeed thou art bless.

Ruth Adamu Bagudu

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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