Ex-AGF, Agabi, disowns petition to secure wanted fugitive’s release 

Wanted fugitive from justice, Francis Oduwanor Odiakose also known as Big Fish who was recently declared wanted has attempted “to fraudulently use a letter purportedly from the offices of the respected Barr. Kanu Agabi SAN, a former Attorney General of the Federation to secure his release from the custody at the Delta State Police command headquarters.

Odiakose was recently declared wanted by the Delta State Commissioner of Police and Delta state security council.

A letter signed personally by Barr. Agabi who wrote a disclaimer stated as follows:  “That Ibrahim Ernest Ojochegbe Esq, Kanabilweze Esq, or D I Otutu Esq who have entered appearance as counsel are not under the employ of Kanu Agabi (CON) SAN & Associates neither do they have the authorisation of the renowned Learned Silk Kanu G Agabi to prosecute any suit on his behalf. 

“Take notice that whosoever might be transacting with either Ibrahim Ernest Ojochegbe Esq, Kanabilweze Esq, or D I Otutu Esq on the assumption that they may be acting for Kanu G Agabi (CON) SAN & Associates does so at his/her own peril as the office of Kanu Agabi (SAN) shall not be held liable for whatever liabilities or duties as may arise from such misassumption.

“These lawyers who have been disclaimed by the revered Senior Advocate purportedly wrote the petition on behalf of Kanu Agabi & Associates to the Inspector General of Police and Deputy Inspector General of Police Johnson Kokumo to  complain about the wanted declaration of Francis Oduwanor Odiakose.” 

In addition to the recent wanted declaration by the Police against Francis Oduwanor Odiakose and his brother Christopher Odiakose for terrorism, attempted murder and other charges, the courts in Delta State have also revoked his bail on gun-running and illegal possession of firearms charges he is facing in the courts in the state.  

His bail was revoked for failing to appear at several court dates for his criminal trial that has been going on for the past year.  

Sources in the Police informed our correspondent that the suspect, Francis was arrested last week in the police headquarters in Abuja after he fled the state upon his being declared wanted.  

He is said to have made his way to Abuja and used a letterhead from Kanu Agabi to write a petition against his being declared wanted. 

He was apparently invited by the DIG DOPs Bala Zama Senchi to interview him about his use of policemen to intimidate members of the public in Delta State. 

After an extensive interview by the DIG DOPS and his staff, the DIG cautioned him against his use of the police and also for parading himself as a traditional ruler despite documentations from the state government stating he was not a Traditional ruler. 

It was after the interview and report by the DIG to the Inspector General of Police that officers from the State Headquarters in Delta State arrested him and took him back to Delta State. 

But in a bizarre twist, immediately after reaching the Delta State headquarters, the suspect according to our sources started bragging that he had made arrangements with some officers in Abuja to be returned back to Abuja to be released despite his court warrant for his revoked bail and also the warrants issued for the new charges he is facing.  

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