Ex- IPAC president urges more Nigerians to join politics, advocacy

Former President Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC), High Chief Peter Ameh, has urged Nigerians who cannot be involved in politics to participate either as activists or civil society advocates.

While urging Nigerians to desist from their indifference towards politics, he stated that governance determines everything.

Ameh also the National Secretary of Coalition for United Political Parties (CUPP) in a statement Wednesday said Nigeria cannot get better until unwilling Nigerians change their ways and get involved in politics or as advocates for good governance.

He stated that “We cannot defeat the tyranny of the elite if the people continue to remain subdivided and subservient to the elitist drive for dominance.

“Without political and civic participation we can not build valuable human Political and resourceful network.

“Try and participate either as a political activist or a civil society advocate.

“If you don’t like politics, then be an advocate for good governance.

“Please get involved, stop this nonchalant attitude, governance determines everything.

“Politics is about participation with Participation you get Network and your network gives you net worth. network is not necessarily money but influence and you know what a strong influence can get you. Participation is the key”, he said.