Ex-Kogi state deputy governor advocates power rotation, dual vice presidency

Former deputy governor of Kogi state and a delegate at the national conference, Dr. Phillips Omeiza Salawu, has advocated for the provision of executive power rotation within the regions in the country in order to give all the people a sense of belonging.
He also stressed the need for the country to have za system that accommodates two vice presidents to take care of “political accidents which we have witnessed in recent past.”

He said presidential power should be alternated between the north and the south “while simultaneously rotating among the geo-political zones.”
He suggested that the post of governorship should be rotated among the senatorial districts with two deputy governors “to take care of accidents witnessed in recent times in Kaduna, Yobe and Taraba states.”

To reduce the cost of governance, Dr. Salawu advocated for a part time unicameral legislative, saying the presidential system of government remain the best option for a plural and heterogeneous society like Nigeria.
“For our industrialisation to be a reality, the Ajaokuta Steel Development and the Itakpe Iron Ore Project should be completed without further delay, this will reduce our unemployment problems due to the existing linkage effects of these projects.”

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