Ex-Niger gov reiterates call for 35% affirmative action

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Former governor of Niger state Dr Babangida Aliyu has called for more women inclusion in politics.

Aliyu who was speaking at the convention and election of PDP Professional and Business Group in Abuja, noted that women are strong pillars in political and national development.

He, therefore, called for 35 percent affirmative action across the federation.

“I want all men to support women and make them bring out the best in them by encouraging them to be active participants. From the legislative role, to executive, state, local government and all sectors of the economy.

I’m happy that there are many woman in this organization. We realize the great role that woman are playing. If they believe in you, nothing will change their mind.

I know that as professionals, there are rules and regulations that we must satisfy. So we should learn to do the right thing, and support each other,” he said.

He used the opportunity to call on Nigerians to always vote for credible candidates.

The keynote speaker former, former chairman House Committee on Banking and Currency Hon. John Onyereme said the influence of professionals is lacking in the political space.

“The professionals constitute a great role in the Nigeria dream. They have been found wanting in times past, but now we want to make amends.
Initially the professional and career oriented people have faced several challenges. This is the time to make a meaningful impact in the affairs of our country,” he said.

Outgoing national coordinator of PDP working group Dr Salifu Arome charged young professionals to work together in improving the political terrain in the country.

“Prior to this time, youth has been relegated to the background, but this time around, we want our professionals to play active roles in politics. We have provided good alternatives that is why we identified leaders that are credible to lead the group.”

He added that through the association, young professionals are encouraged to play active role and act as support group to the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

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