Ex-Super Coach queries Coutinho’s Bayern Munich move


Former Super Eagles head coach Berti Vogts has questioned Brazilian midfielder ​Philippe Coutinho’s move to Bayern Munich, saying that he may not be the world star that he used to be.

Coutinho linked up with the Bavarian on a one-year loan deal from Barcelona on Monday.

Bayern Munich also have the option to buy him permanently for €120 million (£110m/$133m).

The 27-year-old will now have a fresh start at the club though Vogts is skeptical that Bayern are getting a player who is worth the hype.

“At first glance, the loan from Coutinho is a great signing for the Bundesliga,” Vogts said in a column on t-online.de.

“But I want to ask a question: Why is a 27-year-old leaving a world club like FC Barcelona? Because he has given up the hope to prevail there.

“Maybe he’s not a world star, but a player who – probably in the new season – would be a substitute for FC Barcelona.”

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