Exclusive: APC set to receive Sheriff, to contest for presidency

The former factional National Chairman of the People Democratic Party () Alhaji Alimodu Sheriff, has concluded plans to formally decamp back to the ruling All Progressives Congress () before the party hold its mini National Convention, Blueprint has learnt exclusively.

It was also gathered that bearing last minute change, the former Borno state governor may also seek to fly the ticket during the party’s Presidential Primary election in 2018.

A top official of the party from the North-east who pleaded anonymity revealed to our correspondent that some Senior members of APC across the six geopolitical zones have been meeting with him (Sheriff) to drag him into the presidential race.

“Let me tell you something, under the fundamental human rights, there is freedom of association, so moving in and out of a political party is a fundamental human right of a politician. There is nobody, no matter highly placed you are that can stop someone from joining a political party, likewise, when you are leaving such a party nobody can stop anybody. So, all efforts to stop Sheriff is selfish, rubbish and can not hold water,” the APC stalwart declared.

When probed further to know specifically when the former National Chairman will return to APC where he was a founding member before joining the in 2014, the source disclosed that: “I am sure before the next national convention of APC, Sheriff will join the party so that he will be part of the convention.

“You know moving Sheriff to another political party is not something you can do overnight because he has a lot of followers. Someone who was a national chairman of a big political party like PDP must be someone with a large followership.”

When reminded about the oppositions coming from Borno APC against his return to his former party, the source said: “The issue of some people from Borno making efforts to stop him is inconsequential. Borno APC can not stop Sheriff from returning back to APC, a party he laboured for at the formation. The only ritual he needs to perform in Borno APC for is for him to  register at his ward, which I believe there is nobody in his ward that can stop him of doing that. Even if his ward refuse to give him his membership card he can go to the national level and register, that is what the party says, besides, the registration is now online, so no big deal.”

On Sheriff’s plan to contest APC Presidential ticket next year, the source said: “Alhaji Alimodu Sheriff is qualify to be the next President if he is given the opportunity. Remember, that this man is a former governor for eight years and he was a Senator at a time. Moreover, some well known Nigerians are the ones coming to beg him to seek presidential office. There is nothing wrong about that.”

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