Experience of insurgency

Insurgency attack in my school was never funny as the journey of life made the experience a reality. The first day I hard bomb blast while coming back from class I thought it was a sound of thunder, not until a friend told me it was a bomb. As events unfold one began to get used to the bomb blasts, stray bullets and what have you; students call it “ringing tone” because whenever it sounds it gets everyone distracted.

    In July 2019 around the school premises at students tents of prayers, called the ecumenical ground, some students got serious injuries by the stray bullet and were rush to the university teaching hospital. My worst moment was while returning to the hostel from rehearsal, because of the flying bullets and gunshots it took 2-3 hours tracing our way back to the hostel which on a normal day is 15-20 minutes. When we finally got to the hostel I was very tired, physically and mentally disorganized. I was afraid to go to the class and read for my test the following morning.

        However thank God for the vice-chancellor and staff members of the University of Maiduguri, who have always encouraged students to continue to study hard, never to be distracted by activities but to remain focused. Thus, the federal and state governments should show more interest in mobilising and motivating the armed forces to end the insurgency.

Rose Martins,

Department of Mass Communication,

University of Maiduguri

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