Expert calls for deployment of solar power

CEO, High Tech Center for Nigerian Women and Youths, Dr. Wunmi Hassan has called for aggressive training of women and youth in ICT and solar system.

The ICT guru who spoke to Blueprint said it is important that women and youth are trained on how “to make solar panels from scratch and assemble a complete one.

She noted that, “The challenge of power in Nigeria today is huge and many families in various communities, rural or urban are facing the problem of electricity and power generation for household chores, business and children’s development.

“Hence, alternative power generation technologies in biomass, biogas, solar, windmill, etc are necessary to make life better especially at the rural areas.

According to her, the Center “Chose solar technology’s to teach because aside the solar cells which is the only imported part of the system, every other materials can be sourced locally and assembling is so simple that all young men and women should take advantage of an opportunity like this to know how to make one.

She added that: “We must take Nigeria off the grid and do something to save our families, society from darkness and lack of power to make wealth; stressing that, “its commercial value and market is obviously with us and anyone can be a tech entrepreneur in this field.”

The training which commenced on Monday at the Green Minds Hotel, Utako, Abuja came to a close yesterday.

According to Dr. Wunmi, the training will berth in Lagos between Thursday 29th and Friday 30th at the Federal Institute of Industrial Research, Oshodi (FIIRO).

“The trainings are for two days in Abuja and Lagos and can be extended to other states next year.

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