Experts canvass education for social liberation

Some experts have canvassed for more education and orientation as only way to liberate women and men in the society. This was part of their efforts in celebrating women potential in the country.

A professor of English and Literary Studies in VERITAS University, Monique Ekpong stated this at the presentation of her book entitled: ‘Feminist Consciousness’ Wednesday in Abuja.

Ekpong said that the feminist consciousness serves as a significant contribution to the celebration of women’s potential, a demonstration of women’s concern for all the oppressed and an appeal for the demolition to all oppressive institutions.

The book, she said, is a call for the de-colonisation of the mind from patriarchy.

“It is indeed, an in-depth analysis of the ‘new women’ in the African and African-American societies.

“The society did not seem to recognise women and also find out that even women themselves accepted completely that secondary position.

“They did not see anything wrong with it, they believe that it is their culture and tradition’’ she said.

She added that her intention for writing Feminist Consciousness was to make the society aware that women should not be trampled on and to make women realise they are human being.

“It seems that we made a progress before but it looks that now we are retrogressing in the society.

“I want women to accept themselves as human being, they should ask for what is their right and society should learn to give women equal right with men.

“Men seem to have misgiving about feminist issue, we want men to re-orientate their mentality and think feminist because we want them to appreciate women, accept that they are fellow human being.”

Dean, College of Humanity, Professor Gabriel Egbe, said that the book is an attempt to bring public consciousness to the plights of women in African culture.

Egbe, in reviewing the book, revealed the author’s  position that education is a powerful tool for women’s liberation in Africa.

He said the author believes, through education, the women will not only be empowered but will be given the opportunity to be what God has destined them to be.

“Men also need education to understand that women are not lesser human being and both women and men are created by God not to compete but to complement each other.

“Education is the means to liberate men and women, and women should seek all opportunity they can to educate themselves and empower themselves.”

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