FAAN blames machine breakdowns on glitches, not cannibalization

Its personnel cannibalised screening machines at the airports, insisting that it has stockpiled enough spare parts to maintain its equipment for comfort and easy facilitation of passengers.
Spokeswoman for the agency, Mrs.
Henrietta Yakubu, who stated this in an interview in Lagos was reacting to the speculation that FAAN staff would rather than carry out repairs on the machines whenever they malfunctioned, cannibalise them as their spare parts are not available in the market.
Yakubu said the agency had over the years been carrying out due maintenance on all its equipment at its airport.
“We don’t cannibalise our machines.
We use them to screen passengers and baggages that come to the airport.
FAAN is a very serious agency.
We will not cannibalise machines.
It is just because the machines were running all of the time and they just decided to breakdown.
Some things happen that you don’t have a control over.
“Those things broke down not because of non-availability of spare parts.
Machines do break down and human beings, too.
The machines work daily for 24 hours.
They just had technical glitches during the week and before the end of the day, one of the machines was fixed and it started working.
And over the weekend, all the three machines were back in perfect working conditions.
“The issues we had with screening machines didn’t compromise security in anyway.
All the security agents that are with us at the airport came to assist us and where they needed to do manual check-in, they did and no passenger misses his or her flight as speculated in some quarters.
All the agencies cooperated with us to ensure that passengers met up with their schedules,” she said.

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