Facebook shuts, users battle to log in

Facebook is down for some users amid a mysterious outage.

The social network experienced a spike in problem reports on Monday, according to Down Detector.

The problem doesn’t appear to be widespread at the moment.

But several users have complained on rival social networks like Twitter already.

Most appear to be in non-English language speaking countries.

Screenshots suggest that affected users are presented with a strange “unexpected error” message when they attempt to login.

“Login error: an unexpected error occurred,” it reads.

“Please try logging in again.”

The Down Detector site actually noticed a spike in reported Facebook issues starting at around 8am UK time.

They peaked at around midday and continue to be above normal for the moment.

It’s not clear what’s behind the problem at this stage.

Meta, which owns Facebook, has not said anything about it either, which also leaves us wondering whether this might be a minor thing.

Unlike a major outage last year that left all Mark Zuckerberg‘s apps offline for hours across the globe.

That not one only hit Facebook, but Instagram and WhatsApp, which he also owns.

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