FCT polls: Support PDP chairmanship candidate, FKA urges electorate

The chairman, Friends of Kasim Association (FKA), Hon. Remigius Ezennwa and the Vice chairman, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Zuba ward has appealed to party members and the electorate in Gwagwalada area council to support the PDP chairmanship candidate, Kasim Mohammed Zuba in the forthcoming February 12 FCT elections.

The FKA chairman stated this in Zuba FCT-Abuja recently said that Dobi communities that haven’t been generating up to 10% revenue for the area have been producing council chairmen in the area for a long time.

He added that Zuba community is a commercial hub and major contributor of revenue generation of Gwagwalada area council and should be availed the opportunity to produce area council chairman this time for effective and prudent management of the resources in the area. 
He said that the PDP candidate, being an indigene of Zuba, if elected would not only be in a position to generate more revenue in the council but also ensure prudent management in the  council.

Remigius Ezennwa noted that his candidate was known for transparency in all the organisations both in the private and public sectors he headed, adding that he is neither tribalistic nor sentimental in the area of religion and he always carry everybody along in his discharge of duties.
He pointed out that for equity and development, there is the need for leadership change to be effected in the area council, especially, from the dominant Dobi communities to other areas like Zuba, the commercial hub of the  area council, just as he reiterated the need for Igbo people, the Hausa, the Yoruba, the Gade, the Koro, the Basa, the Gbagyi in the area council to unite and support the PDP candidate.

“We are appealing to every tribe in Gwagwalada area council to support Kasim, because the PDP would protect their interest.

He maintained that although the Gbagyi are the majority tribe in the area council, while the Koro, where my candidate is from are among the minority, the Bassa are lesser minority, even to the Koro; the Gade are lesser minority, and Koro are also the four original inhabitants in the area council.

“If all the four tribes and the residents can come together and give their support to the candidate, their long awaited democracy dividends will be a thing of the past.”

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