FCT scholarship board chair vows to restructure the agency


The Chairman of the FCT Scholarship Board, Alhaji Abubakar Giri has promised that the board members will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the activities of the establishment were improved to serve the purpose for its creation.


Giri stated this in a chat with newsmen in his office Wednesday.
The chairman also promised to look into the numerous challenges of the board, including staff welfare to ensure that workers give utmost service to the country through their individual and collective contributions to the growth of the scholarship board.


Since the newly reconstituted board has been inaugurated, every impediment that stopped the members from functioning in their new capacity have been removed to set the ball rolling on performance.
“The board that was inaugurated recently will serve the nation for four years. So, we are starting from the scratch to look at its numerous problems. As we resume fully, we will look at every aspect of the board and mobilise actions and resources to resolve the problems.


“This is the first time that an indigene of the Federal Capital Territory since the creation of the territory, would be given the chairmanship of the board. So, our focus is to look for qualified natives to give scholarship to enable them further their educational pursuits like youths of other ethnic groups so that they can improve the living conditions of their families.


“Indigenes of the FCT have been left behind educationally. This has bred poverty at a large scale and youth restiveness. We intend to look into these areas and do something practical about the situation,” he said.


He advised the youth to seek better education now that the government has created a window to provide scholarships for less-privileged ones among them.


He also promised to work with the Federal Capital Territory Administration to help increase the bursary and the amounts awarded to private students even as he called on the government to look into the expensive school fees in public and private institutions by reducing the fees to a rate affordable by parents.

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