Federer played better after every umpire argument – Zverev

Alexander Zverev believes that Roger Federer was fired on by his series of disputes with the umpire during the German’s Shanghai win over the Swiss veteran.

Federer uncharacteristically lost his cool on several occasions during his thrilling three-set loss to Zverev, but managed to rally to save match points and force a third set before eventually succumbing to victory.

At one stage, he was docked a point for unsportsmanlike conduct

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“You know, obviously I think emotions in sport are great. I didn’t know what was happening with the umpire, didn’t pay close attention, but, you know, every time he had an argument, he started playing better. Maybe it was a way to help him, as well, to get himself going.

“But, you know, he will always find a way. That’s why he’s the greatest player of all time, because he will, in difficult situations, difficult periods where his mind is maybe not at his best, he will still find a way to make it difficult for you.”

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