Female Football: Galadima rallies support for David, urges stakeholders to work in harmony

Former Chairman of the  Nigeria Football Federation, Alhaji Ibrahim Galadima, has called on female football to come together and work in harmony towards confronting the problems and inadequacies of  female  football in the country which can  only be addressed through complete attack on the foundation negating it.

Galadima said it was quite unfortunate that instead of addressing fundamental  issues which has not helped in the stride to maintain the country’s top position in the continent and improvement at the global level but it was unfortunate that are dissipating energy on matters which are trivial.

He said, “We used to be number one in Africa and instead of us to wholly look at the fundamentals which are drawing us back, some people have decided to make Ruth David, the former Head of Women football in the NFF as the scapegoat.

“It is a pity that instead of looking for ways to move the game forward to regain our status as true champions, is not only a bad way but not the best for the country. I have been in charge of affairs in the running of football in the country and I  am in better position to say that we are going the wrong way.”

He noted that Ruth David can not act on her own without directives which makes such call as she is the one responsible for the crisis in women football in the country as baseless and unfounded.

According to Galadima, who was one time commissioner of sports in Kano State,citing the exit of former handler of Super Falcons, Thomas Dennerby who recently dumped  Nigeria, Galadima said that even with the intervention of Sports Minister, Sunday Dare, the issue was not resolved which goes a long way to indicate that is it beyond one woman in the secretariat of the NFF.

“I know Ruth David as a woman who is capable of handling any responsibility given to her, I will advise such person should be encouraged to give out their best,& he said.

He advised all stakeholders to see the need to work in harmony for the good of the game.

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