‘FG excluding Islamic scholars from training of B/Haram suspects’

The Supreme Council for Shari’ah in Nigeria yesterday lamented that the federal government was excluding Islamic scholars (Ulamas) from the process of deradicalising captured suspected Boko Haram members.

The council said the ulamas and Islamic organisations are the major stakeholders that should lead the process‎.

It said since the insurgents are claiming to be Muslims, the best people to tackle their ideology are Islamic scholars.

The Assistant Secretary of the Council, Auwal Abdulsalam, spoke with journalists in Kaduna on behalf of the council shortly after a meeting on Deradicalisation Agenda of Boko Haram Extremists in Nigeria.

The meeting was organised by the council in partnership with ‎ King Abdullah Bin Abdul’aziz International Centre for Inter-religion and Inter-cultural Dialogue.

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Auwal said the meeting’s aim was to find a way for the scholars to be involved in the deradicalisation process of the federal government.

“We believe the only way to end this problem of insurgency is to include the ulamas in the deradicalisation process,” he said.

According to him, Muslims are the most hit since the Boko Haram crisis began 10 years ‎ago, in terms of property and lives lost.

He explained that the council’s aim was to ensure the federal government succeeds in the deradicalisation process.

“The ulamas and Islamic organisations have been completely excluded mainly in deradicalising prisoners of Boko Haram that defected from the group and in all the process.

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He further urged Muslims to practise Islam as it should be practised so that God can get the country out of this crisis.

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