FG to ban eating of Donkey meat

The federal government has raised the alarm over illegal poarching or slaughtering of dockey forbmeat or hide, saying donkey in Nigeria is going into extinction.

The is even as some Chinese national have been arrested for  smuggling of donkey hide.

Addressing the press in Abuja on Wednesday, the Controller General, Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS), Dr. Vincent Isegbe, said the government is aware that there are donkey slaughter camps by that the agency in partnership with other security agencies are working on dismantling them.

Isegbe reiterated that Donkey Hide remains on the Export Prohibition List, and that the government is working on training those willing to go into donkey ranching.

According to him, farmers economic system is being destroyed by tye illegal killing of donkeys for hide and meat 

Isegbe pointed out that the Agency met with all the relevant associations in September last year to chart a course toward restocking the donkeys through breeding and ranching in order to put the animals beyond the threat of extinction.

On the arrested Chinses nation for illegal trading in donkey hide, Isegbe said the security agencies have commence investigation into their activities and that Nigerians will be brief in detail once findings are concluded.