FIAN can curb football frauds in Nigeria – Okpe

Football Intermediaries Association of Nigeria (FIAN) Welfare Officer Okpe Emmanuel Alexander, Okpe Emmanuel Alexander, has said the body can curb football frauds in the country.

Okpe who spoke with sports reporters at the Royal championship scouting programme which kicked off in Lagos on Tuesday saidccording to Okpe, “Ignorance is bliss. Football fraudsters are all over the World  and it’s a manace we can’t put a total stop to but we can curb it in our own little way by educating our grassroot players and coaches.

“Imagine while the 2018 World Cup was on, some innocent players were been duped to having trials in Russia. How was this possible.

“Coaches, players who are the major prey on their part need to wise asking questions from these agents or see geniue  evidence that they are registered members of FIAN before they give money or put pen to any contract paper.

“Another way to curb it, is by organising seminars for coaches and players. Though tough as some are difficult to deal with, it may amaze you that some of them see us as threat, that we try to hijack their players from them.”

“Our executive is relatively young but we really need the media to champion this cause. We plan to organise one or two seminars before the year runs out or probably come next year to enlighten them.”

For Ogburie Anthony Chidozie a FIAN member based in Lagos, “We’re creating the needed awareness as we have found out that education is lacking our domestic football.

“Many of our players and some coaches have little or no idea what a transfer deal or what make up the content of a contract.

“That’s why you see many fallen victims to fraudsters or to debtor clubs. 

“We hope in the long run that things will be done professionally devoid of quacks, contract terms must be respected by all parties as a way to growing our domestic football.”

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