Fight against divisive forces, NYCN patron tells Nigerian youths

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Nigerian youths have been charged to fight against divisive forces that affect the development of the country, at a time when the unity and peace of Nigeria is threatened by secessionists, terrorists, bandits and other criminal elements.

The National Patron of the National Youth Congress of Nigeria (NYCN), Dr. Sami Charles, gave the charge in a broadcast beamed at the gathering of youths for a national leadership, economic and security summit in Abuja to discuss ways of combating insecurity and fostering the nation’s peace and unity.

Sami said the foundation of Nigeria was built by the efforts of the youths.

He then urged the present day youth not to allow negative forces derail the unity, peace and progress of the nation.

“The Nigerian youth is the foundation of the Nigeria of the past , present and future. In the anal of history, the Nigerian youth movement led by Herbert Macaulay, Nnamdi Azikiwe and other youth movements led by Obafemi Awolowo, Joseph Tarka, Mallam Aminu Kano and Ahmadu Bello all fought for today’s independent Nigeria. The role of the Nigerian youth can not be over emphasised. There is no Nigeria without the Nigerian youths and there will be no future Nigeria, without the Nigerian youth.

“You must understand your role and place in nation building. No nation can be at peace without the involvement of its youths. You hold the torch of peace and the bullet of war. Our nation Nigeria is in trial from different fronts, in unity, religious bigotry, political instability and most disturbing, the high level of insecurity.

“We as youths must rise to defend the essence and principles on which our nation was founded. We must not be a party to those who wish to create instability and destruction to our nation. We must stand and fight against all forces that threatens the peaceful existence of our people and must remain committed to the principles of unity in diversity and tolerance of each other irrespective of our differences.

“I urge and encourage you all towards the emancipation of our nation-Nigeria into her true greatness remembering the fact that every Nigerian from all parts of our nation is a stakeholder and has something to contribute. No Nigerian is superior to the other! Rise up the great Nigerian youth and join hands towards the laying of a new foundation for our nation,” Dr. Sami stated.

While pledging to sponsor workshops that would drive the foundation for a new Nigeria for economic empowerment of the youths with programmes to aid and facilitate economic livelihood, Sami urged youths to continue to embrace dialogues against violence in the pursuit of their goals.

The event which was attended by representatives of various youth organisations across the country including State Chairmen of the NYCN also had Civil Society Organisations, Non-governmental Organisations, government representatives, the clergy amongst others.

High point of the event was the signing of a peace pact for national unity by youths from all geo-political regions, with a resolve to partner with the government in protecting the sanctity and sovereignty of Nigeria.

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