FIIRO launches 2 automated machines


The Fedaral Institute of Industrial Research (FIIRO), launched a new invention of automated plants for Kunu and Zobo drinks .
The Director-General of FIIRO, Prof. Mrs Gloria Elemo, disclosed this at the ongoing “Expo day two of the Technology and Innovation week 2018, yesterday in Abuja.
According to her, she said the comment by the Minister last year saying he would like to see automated equipment rather than batch equipment in subsequent editions of the Technology and Innovation Week, got the institute thinking which made them partner with an indigenous automation company i.e. Automation and Engineering Nig Limited to come up with this inventions.
“The overall objective of this Forum is to bring stakeholders together to discuss commercialization of indigenous R&D results and to critically examine the benefits of commercialization for national socio-economic development,” she stated.
She described the event as an important National Forum on the Commercialization of Indigenous Technologies with the theme ”Stimulating Economic Growth through Commercialization of Indigenous Research and Development Results”. Adding that Nigeria could be said to have developed tons of indigenous technologies that are capable of catapulting it into industrialized nation but having it at the back of our minds that Nigeria will need to articulate and develop a proper mechanism by which it can commercialize these innovation for socio-economic benefit of Nigeria.
“All the stakeholders, collaborators, supporters and associates of the Institute are present here on inspection of exhibition of the automated plants and other innovative products developed by the Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi, Lagos,” she said.

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