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It is not likely a writer would attain his full creative potentials irrespective of what circumstances, whether favourable or unfavourable.  A writer does not have to get to his peak for his best, because writers rarely cross over the average point-mark of their creative reservoir.  I think no writer would ever will.  However, writers can be acutely suppressed because of either an external force or forces or the inability of his ‘self’ to pull him through to consistent creative frequency.  Thus, a writer under suppression would suffer “writer’s ailment” from his inability to achieve average creative production in life.
A writer may drift into “mind-decay” openly or secretly or loss of concentration.  A regular and poorly dressed writer that makes dirt or clumsiness his companion or one who goes on one dress is on the verge of mind-decay.  Writers suffering from mind-decay resort to funny expressions like boisterousness or quietude.  They think others are low-thinkers. They are loud due to anxiety.

Drunkenness and womanising becomes their stock in trade. He thinks he is larger than anyone around. He is full of ego which easily leads to frustration when not noticed by those he thinks should. He may constantly remain in a pool of un-fulfilment in the face of popularity. He then becomes queer, and persistently in suspicion of others being jealous of him. He hardly understands that they see nothing spectacular about him. The foolery of waiting to be recognised as a writer or one on a higher pedestal of thought or a wise-man begin to make him less relevant despite his potentials. These occur as a result of saturation in long term suppressed, unsuppressed creative energy, buoying inside the writer.  To remain stable, the writer needs to drain his stagnant pool of creativity through a more acceptable medium.  One of such is indulgence in FILCREATES ART.

Filcreates Art is a form of ‘poetry’ conjured in concrete images of unusual creatures. It is an expression of unfinished creative skill left off a previous expression or of the un-explored and unnoticed diversity of creative ability of a writer. A filcreator must have a previously dominant area of distinct creativity of which some have hanged-out untapped or failed to reach the creative injection of the particular activation of a creative endeavour.

In Filcreates Art, there is neither a definite start-point nor a definite end-point.  It is not moved by any pre-planned motif nor be interfered with by a second party or reworked by the creator.  No editing.  The creator starts and completes it at a sit.  Or he may choose to abandoned it at any point of creation and still be used.  Filcreate is a unidirectional expression that possesses no definition of purpose to help to deflate a writer’s anxiety. It is purgative art represented by visuals. It also helps to make up for the creative writer’s inability to meet full time expression in painting, drawing, carving, or sculpture or building or graphics. Filcreates are created with indelible ink with sharp, pointed pen.  This enable the products retain their originality of conjecture and evolution. Even as piece might not make meaning at the beginning of creation, it almost or perfectly does not at the end.

Filcreates images may not exist readily in the physical world, but may do in the unseen realms of creation.  The fact that man could conjure them on paper and bring them to life from nothingness makes the possibility of their existence on earth, real. Filcreates should be collected in a small drawing book with each occupying a page.  They may not be of more than 3cm long and short.  Each may be titled or with a few verses of two lines.  The lines should not be more than three to four words, written underneath.  The verses must bear poetic status.

The many benefits of Filcreates are that, its indulgence deflates the anxious, tense writer and makes him stable.  It stimulates him for more creative energy for fiction.  It tickles the poet’s artistic sensibility.  Filcreates could make a good recreational material for individuals, children when published in bright colours.  A consultant may be required for this and duly acknowledged.  Filcreates can be used for beautification of walls, doors, shops, houses, gates, schools or positioned consciously in gardens, amusement parks, roundabouts, monuments, city gates of symbolising heroes, leaders, cities, nation, races or landmark events or love.

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