Fintiri, leaving no stone unturned

Adamawa state governor Ahmadu Fintiri

Despite all the noise making on social media platforms mostly by ranters and data boys, the Governor of Adamawa state, Rt Hon Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri, has remained steadfast in fulfilling his campaign promises, delivering his best towards the welfare and security of the great people of Adamawa dtate.

The giant strides attained within his first tenure in office are unarguably second to none and that will certainly be written in gold in the history of Adamawa state.

The so-called opposition in the state has found it difficult to singlehandedly point at a major area be it, the economy, security, education, infrastructure, or welfare of workers that the current administration has never touched which gives birth to the full realisation of developmental projects all over the state.

Also, our deteriorated education sector has indeed experienced a total overhaul. As a result, our comatose classrooms were renovated, a great number of teachers were employed, SSCE fees were paid, and scholarship were awarded, all in the governor’s efforts to improve education which is a perquisites for the advancement of the state.

Also, the security of the state has improved significantly unlike what the state was experiencing for over a decade. No more communal clashes, no farmers/herders conflict, and no religious clashes. Adamawa is now one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria even with the multicultural and religious nature of its inhabitants. Consequently, farming has improved as people continue to massively partake in irrigation, fishing, and other important businesses to earn a living.

God is so kind, nobody is talking about nonpayment of workers’ salaries or shortfalls, nonchalant attitude to education, or insecurity, among other factors bedeviling the state. Irrespective of your political party and bias, if truly one can shame the devil, one must admit that Fintiri is indeed delivering and Adamawa state is progressing.

The latest outburst from the data boys is Fintiri denying Binani access to state government facilities in planning to distribute money to small entrepreneurs in the state, a programme that is supposed to be under the watch of the state government’s representatives. For the opposition, looking for other important areas of interest if there is any that the current administration has not been able to touch and campaign for could have been a better option than hiding behind a federal government’s initiated programme to sell your candidate.

Besides, some of our people are gullible and have little or no knowledge of how the various levels of government operate talk more about differentiating their responsibility. Thus, politicians take that advantage and centered their political campaigns on that for their selfish gains.

Anyway, one must confess that Fintiri is lucky to have good public relations practitioners who use silence to deal with social critics decisively. Whosoever has a fair knowledge of public relations knows that silence is golden and is used as a weapon to handle paid ranters.

Above all, our priority is Adamawa of our dream with full realisation of physical infrastructure, Improved education sector, improved workers welfare, peace, and unity, irrespective of who is the governor. Every good citizen of Adamawa state must remain relentless in praising what is good for the state and condemning otherwise.

Mubarak Shuaybu Shelleng,
Yola, Adamawa state
[email protected]

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