Firm to boost women farmers’ capacity on food production

Following farmers’ role in economic development and sustainability, an agric firm, Sweer Global Farms, has disclosed plans to boost women farmers’ capacity on food production.

This was made known by the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, SWEER Global Farms, Dr Thaddeaus Thompson, while speaking on the need to focus on building capacity of women farmers who make a major part of the workforce in the agricultural sector.

Thompson said the impact of women in agriculture cannot be over emphasized as they have sustained the lives of Nigerians with their dogged and determined resolve in food production.

He said: “Women are indeed assets we don’t toy with as an organisation because we give them great honour and assistance to boost their productivity in all our operations towards our success as we make massive investments in the agricultural sector.

“Women have made a mark in the food system and are still feeding the Nigeria’s huge population despite their challenges along gender issues including assess to land and finance, traditional rights, violence, health, and societal challenges.

“SWEER Global Farms is already on the move to boost women farmers capacity in food production in order to increase their knowledge and experience in agribusiness.