FIRS partners Ebonyi in revenue collection

The Federal Inland Revenue Services FIRS has enter into partnership with the State Board of Internal Revenue Generation to boost tax payment in the state.

Tax controller Abakaliki  Kenneth Effong said the collaboration would help streamline tax payment and curtail double taxation and activities of touts in the state.

Effong who disclosed this to journalist in Abakaiki at the weekend, said  partnering the state will make tax generation less cumbersome, adding that it will help the board to curb the activities of touts.

He further urged the board of Internal Revenue to sensitize tax payers in the state so that they will cooperate and make the payment smooth.

“We are partnering with the State Board of Internal Revenue to boost revenue generation in the state, curtail the activities of touts, limit double taxation , to create awareness and joint audit.

“When we are together, tax payers will know   what they are supposed to pay to State Government , Local Government, and this is what I suppose to pay to Federal Government.

“It will create confidence in the taxpayers that are paying the money, they will know that their money is not a waste.

He also called for more partnership with other agencies to enable them educate taxpayers.

” Like what we do here we call it tax Thursday, we have other days for office work but that Thursday is purely for enlightenment in partnership with other people, other shop owners who can give us information on people who are not paying their tax.

 “You know,  this tax is where customers come to buy something you add five percent, is not from your money , is not from your interest is just five percent from the total sell of the product. You are just like an agent to the Government taking the money customers have paid on behalf  of themselves to the Government.

“Income Tax is for people who have limited liability company, big companies and everything Is well streamlined “. He explained.

Mr Effong further commended the State board of Internal Revenue for  the partnership and that he has made some steps to ensure that the partnership is sustained and visible.

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