First Indigenous agricultural marketing network launched

As calls for investment in agriculture in Nigeria continue to receive support, one critical aspect that many Nigerians have failed to dive into is the marketing value chain. JOHN OBA writes.

Th at agriculture presents a range of empowerment opportunity for diff erent classes of Nigerians is no longer in doubt but one of the major discouraging factor arguably has been fi nance.

Th e diversity of Nigeria climate condition, the richness of the soil are all the advantage that Nigerians could leverage on Agricultural marketing have been given a boost with the recent launch of an agricultural marketing network aimed at promoting agricultural fi nancing and marketing without necessarily owning a farm. Launching the company at the Weekend, the Managing director and Chief Executive Offi cer, Filtop Long Yield Network Limited, the company running the program, said the company has been positioned to solve many problems by making agriculture a household practice in Nigeria by creating a platform where everyone can be involved and invest directly in various forms of Agricultural activities in order to earn so much as much to live a better life.

He stated further that the company is aiming to provide for the teaming investors and partners dynamic solution that works through agriculture according to our proven result and to deliver success through dedication, commitment, sincerely and sense of responsibility. He added that the members will engage in farming and networking marketing. “We have created system in the network business to make participants earn investment profi t daily.

“Our company, known as FLY NETWORK is an indigenous company established to promote agriculture in the country and around the world by improving investment in Agriculture through Networking and fi nances, hence boosting the economy advantage on agriculture. “Our focus is directed towards farming activities, creating a network marketing strategy around our farm produce and

making all our members and investors willing farmers through participatory and online agricultural programmes. “In achieving our objective, we have acquired a number of hectares of land through outright purchase and leasehold arrangement and we are still negotiating for more across the country. “Our products comprise of investment in arable lands, grown crops, fruit farming, livestock farming, vegetables and diff erent types of cereals.

Our harvested products and processed goods are sold directly to our distributors and members across the nation and beyond, he explained. Addressing participants during the ceremony, the executive secretary, Cooperative Financing Agency of Nigeria, Mr Atama Emmanuel, commending the launch said the cooperative has decided to own the company, because it is the answer to Nigeria agricultural problems. He said: “All over, ideas rule the world, before starting the program, he has sat with us and share the idea with us. We have brainstormed on the necessary steps to take. We are supporting it because the results will lead to the empowerment of our members.

“Th e idea of cooperative steam from the fact that people have diff erent ideas, and as far as we are concerned, this is what Mr. Femi is bringing on board and we will try to encourage him because this can transform the agricultural sector,” he said He called on the government at diff erent levels to support this program by way of giving incentives to encourage the program so that the program can strive. Also representative of the Nigeria Agriculture Insurance Corporation Mr Gunat, assured that NAIC will insure FILTOP and it programmes.

Speaking with Blueprint, he said: “Th e area of our partnership with Filtop Long Yield Network Limited is in the angle of primary products, since they are going to farm crops. NAIC has the mandate of insurance crop farming ranging from maize production, cassava among others. It means then that if Filtop who is into primary production, cultivate it’s crops and there is any natural disaster, NAIC will be able to pay Filtop the value of the loses they may have incurred. So we are ready to key into it. “We are looking into the fact that, by this time they put the model together, we will key into it and see that it operates within our own format. We should be able to secure all the investment,” he assured.

He stated that the Corporative will secure all the agricultural production, “0whether they are going to process, marketing through our goods in transit insurance, even in their ware houses and I want to assure you that all genuine claims will be paid.” Th e Filtop chairman, retired Rear Admirah Olufemi Ogunjimi, assured Nigerians that the programme will not fail. “Th is is a very important program, looking at the caliber of people who are in it. I believe in it, the focus of the program given me some confi dence that this is going to be real success. “I have seen this type before in Western Europe where I lived. If people can gather money for people to farm for them, it would be great. Th e investment pattern is attractive. “Th ere are no business without a risk. Th e higher the risk, the higher the profi t but I want to assure Nigerians that this will not fail, “ he assured.


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