Fix health sector, electricity, Okoh urges Buhari

By Ajuma Edwina Ogiri


Bishop of Abuja and Primate of all Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Rev. Nicholas Okoh, has urged President Muhammadu Buhari, to solve the issue of inadequate health in the country and shortage supply of electricity.
Okoh made this appeal during the Christmas Service at the Cathedral Church of Advent, Life camp, Abuja.
The cleric believes tackling health and electricity in the nation, would go a long way to make the “common man happy as they go about with their daily .”
He said: “Whatever the government can do to tackle the issue of electricity and medical is good news to the poor. In this Church alone, we have lost somebody to cancer.
“There is hardly any quarter that somebody does not die, and that is after a huge amount of money has been spent in India. What lesson are we waiting for? We lost president Yar’adua; only God intervened in the case of President Muhammadu Buhari. Is this not enough lessons for us?
“Why can’t we have a kind of task force to train our manpower and bring the here to Nigeria, so that not only senior people can get cured or treatment, but ordinary people too will also have access to it?
“Health and education facilities need attention. If we have them, it will be good news to the poor.”

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