Forces behind crisis, killings in Nigeria – CISLAC

The Executive Director of the Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC), Auwal Ibrahim Musa, has said there are so many forces trying to make sure there is chaos in Nigeria using all sorts of platforms and avenues to destabilize and divide the country.
The Executive Director in an interview with Blueprint in Abuja, said Nigerians should not allow any group or people either in government or outside government to drag this country into a religious war because Nigerians are too attached to their religion and faith.
According to him, if government does not do extraordinary approach to ensure that this country is not thrown into a religious chaos we will all be in trouble.
He called on the federal government and non state actors to rise up and ensure that they did not allow this violence to continue and in particular trying to drag the violence into a religious or even an ethnic one.
“So, we see a calculated act by people who do not wish Nigerians well and some of them and their children they have other country have passports of other countries and if there is trouble they will take the next available flight to leave us.
“No matter who they are or what group they come from Nigerians are suffering from the crisis that is causing mismanagement, corruption and irresponsible leadership has brought us on all levels.
“So this crisis is between the ordinary person and those who use this violence as a means of containing and sustaining their either political relevance or their status in the society but the ordinary person is the one being killed and buried just like that every other time.

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