Forest of death in Ibadan

Ibadan is a place of four million people. From time immemorial, Ibadan is best known and credited for accepting everyone, regardless of creed or race who wants a peaceful and accommodating place to live, work, and settle.  Ibadan is free from any form of religious rancour or intimidation. It is in fact an African city.  No discrimination of any kind was recorded even when Agbekoya stepped into Ibadan politics to redeem the oppressed farmers, or during the operation “Wetie”.  Political thugs, those who did not drag themselves into the turmoil were never hurt.

Today, one becomes concerned about the news of “Forest of death in Ibadan” as reported by the press on Sunday, March 23, 2014. It is bad that some ugly characters could invade Ibadan with little or no resistance from the authority. Those elements who imbibe destruction of life into their culture   must be fished out immediately and handled appropriately in line with the gravity of the offence committed.

We have now reached the crossroads in our development when the need to register the unemployed in our cities is imperative.  Governments must make some form of token available on a monthly basis to those who register. The need for vigilance should be escalated.

Oladimeji Aborisade,

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