Forgive me, it’s the first time I raped a lady – Suspect

A 22-year-old man, Ismaila Raheem, has appealed to the police to forgive him, saying he was a first offender.

The suspect, who was paraded by the Osun state police Command, for alleged rape incident, confessed to committing the crime, saying the victim had been his friend.

He said the victim had dumped him for a ‘yahoo boy’ and told him that he didn’t have the money to be her boyfriend; “hence my decision to rape her.”

“I smoked Indian hemp to carry out the act; she is a sex worker and has been my girlfriend in the streets.

“This is my first time. I have never been involved in rape in my life. I smoked hemp before I went to her house. I took wood in front of her house that I used as a gun to scare her. I went to beg her the following day when I realised that what I did was bad. She is a sex worker. She is likely to be older than me.

“We have been friends before, but when she met the yahoo boy, she said I don’t have money like the boy. I usually give her between N200 and N500. The way she talked to me infuriated me. She said I don’t have money like those that are dating her,” Raheem said.

His co-suspect, Akintola Sangokunle, who also admitted to being involved in the act, said he was not aware that they were going for such a crime when he accompanied his friend.

“He didn’t tell me that we were going to rape her. We met a man in the room with the lady because the lady is a sex worker. We didn’t hurt him. We only asked him to face down. I didn’t spend more than three minutes on her,” Sangokunle said.

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