Fraud: Financial expert warns youths against get-rich-quick syndrome

A renowned accountant and financial expert, Vera Augustine, Tuesday enjoined Nigerian youths to work hard and avoid every avenue of “get-rich-quick.”

She said it is disheartening that some youths nowadays involved themselves in illicit activities just to make money, saying there are several ways to get rich without involving in criminal activities.

“It is sad that some youths, who are the future of this country nowadays, take solace in criminal activities just to make money under the guise of there is no job.

“The sad truth is, among the joblessness, there are millions of jobs in Nigeria. The issue of passing through shortcuts to success is becoming the order of the day in Nigeria and it is sad.

“Every day, you see on the pages of newspapers on arrest and conviction of Yahoo boys. Sadly, most of these guys are graduates”.

“So, the question is, did you spend four years in school to end up as a fraudster? Our youths need to have a rethink. It is high time they realized that the future of this country lies in their hands,” the renowned banker said.

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