Free-for-all at APC secretariat as pro, anti Oshiomhole protesters clash

But for the intervention of battle-ready security agents that deployed every measure, including teargas, blood could have flowed freely at the headquarters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja, as protesters demanding the sack of the National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole and those rooting for him – all numbering hundreds – squared up against each other.

The anti-Oshiomhole protesters had arrived Blantyre Street in the early hours of Friday, disrupting human and vehicular movements leading to the national secretariat of the party in continuation of the demonstration they started on Thursday morning.

However, the situation degenerated to a sour, scarring level when the pro-Oshiomhole protesters stormed the street and engaged the anti-protesters in a free-for-all bloody clash.

Brandishing cutlasses and freely hauling heavy stones, big sticks and other available weapons at each other in front of Valencia Hotel, the theatre of war, passers-by had to scamper for safety while houses and offices hurriedly the shot their entrance gates.

In attempt to stop the situation from degenerating into a bloody one, the security agents had to release canisters of teargas to disperse the protesters, forcing them to beat a retreat.

“As we are covering the anti-protesters, we were surprised at the pro-Oshiomhole protesters, ordering us to stop recording. They came with all manners of weapons, big stones, and cutlasses, warning everybody along their way to disappear or be killed. We had to run for cover especially when the teargas from the security agents became unbearable,” a correspondent of TVC, narrated

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