From corruption to terrorism

Nigeria is Africa’s most densely populated country and is blessed with lots of natural resources yet the country has the highest rate of unemployment on the continent. Consequently, many Nigerians have to survive by indulging in all kinds of wrongdoing and criminality ranging from kidnapping, banditry to Boko Haram, among others.

Nigeria is one of the safest countries with lots of investors trooping in to establish businesses that will create employment opportunities for the people but due insecurity most of these investors have divested from the country.

Indeed, corruption is what is eating up our country today and could be seen everywhere.The blame cannot be shifted to the government alone, the people are also to blame.

However, corruption and terrorism are two negative issues which affect the economy of the country. Terrorism is a major concern in Nigeria today. The senseless killings, raping, kidnapping, bombings and destruction of properties worth millions of naira are now the order of the day. Our newspapers are replete with killings as major headlines everyday. Where exactly are we heading to? when will the headlines change, when shall we experience the Nigeria of dream with full realisation of resources?

To crown it all, the best solution to the aforementioned problem is for the government to create jobs, fight corruption, secure its citizens from the activities of bandit, kidnappers and ensure the miscreant face the wrath of law. Crises in the education sector should also be addressed otherwise the idle youth will continue to make the country insecure.

Ajide Ibrahim,
Department of Mass Communication,
University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Borno state

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