Fuel price increase again?

Fuel price Increase again? The federal government has announced yet another increment in fuel price to N162 per litre. Nigerians need to rise -NLC, civil society, Occupy Nigeria, Save Nigeria group – against this arbitrary policy mass evil This is clearly unfair. How can a sane person allow the increase of fuel price in a pandemic of this nature, that means Nigerians will be buying fuel at a higher price than before Covid-19 era. 

In other climes, governments give their citizens palliatives, but not in Nigeria. This is not proper. Does Buhari know what he is doing? If our democracy is truncated, Buhari is to blame. Buhari should be impeached for this anti-people policy. Inflation is above 12 per cent and foodstuff is beyond the reach of the masses. Common sense should tell them that you don’t remove subsidy on a product you are not producing locally, if crude oil gets to $65, how much will Nigerians buy fuel. 

With $45 crude oil price, petrol should not exceed N120, corruption is going on in the Petroleum Product Marketing Company (PPMC). They quote grade one fuel, but import lower grade fuel. What happened to our four refineries, in five years the All Progressives (APC) government can’t fix anyone, just talk, no action. How can they fix the refineries, when they have fixed their relatives and cronies there, getting free money without work? No litre of fuel is produced, but salaries are paid full. 

No wonder the running cost of Kaduna and Port Harcourt refineries are gulping over N8b a year. Petrol should be pegged at N80 a litre from now till August 2022, due to the ravaging pandemic. If crude oil is selling below $30, subsidy is removed, but if crude oil gets to $50-$60 then subsidy should be introduced to prevent petrol from selling above N145 a litre, pending when local refining capacity will be available.
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