Fuel price skyrocket in Mararaba, Nyanya

Filling stations in and Nyanya axis have increased their pump price up to N120 as the fuel scarcity continues in the territory.

Our reporter who spoke to residents however reports that motorists believed that the scarcity would end soon.
One of the respondents, Bolaji Ogundele, said: “I did not really go through stress before I bought fuel at N97 at NNPC. But at these places like and Nyanya, filling stations have increased their pump price to N110 or N120.

“I think the scarcity will disappear soon. There is less queue at the filling station when I got there yesterday.”
Another respondent, Emeka Augustine, said it was a difficult task for him to fill his tank as he had to spend about an hour at a gas station, only to be told that it was no longer available.

“It was difficult to get fuel. I spent about one hour at a filling station in Garki yesterday, only to be told that fuel is finished; and I had to go to another one; but I didn’t stay up to 10 minutes at NNPC before I could fill my tank,” he said.

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