Fuss over sequence of elections

What is in a sequence of elections? You wonder! The furore in the Senate on this gave cause for concern. But, the defunct National Party of Nigeria, in the Second Republic, reversed the earlier sequence of voting, introduced by the outgone military regime. The presidential election was moved forward from the rear. The result created a bandwagon effects on subsequent elections, thus resulting in landslide/moonslide effects!

This landmark pattern became a benchmark for measuring electoral indices in Nigeria. This is the crux of the rumpus in the Senate.

It is much ado about nothing. A storm in the tea cup! It is self-serving and has no love of nation at heart. Any issue relating to the well-being of the masses never receives attention. They luxuriate while the masses groan in abject poverty. A case of, “Nero fiddles, while Rome burns!”

Chief Imam Taofeek Sanni,
Trade Fair Complex Central Mosque,
Lagos state

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