Gadget-saving rules for repairing your faulty device

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Get a trusted and experienced engineer Do not go to computer village and give your MacBook or iPhone to a random engineer.

You don’t know if he is trustworthy or experienced.

You should talk to your friends so that they can recommend a very reliable engineer for you.

Never leave your device with the repairer Th is is one mistake some people make when they take their device to computer village.

Th ey leave it with the repairer for two or three days.

When they return, the engineer may have replaced nearly everything in your device with fakes.

Fine, it will work, but when you get home, you will realise that your device will just collapse.

Th e engineer is not at fault because both of you tested it and it worked.

Squeeze out a repair Guarantee from him Yes, you should squeeze a guarantee out of him after he has repaired your device.

Th is will serve as a cushion in case the same fault develops again.

Any engineer who is confi dent about his job will give you two or three days guarantee.

Others may even give you a week.

Don’t hesitate to take your device if he is not straightforward If you really want to return home with the device you took to computer village, do not allow the engineer to sweet-talk you especially when you know he is not straightforward.

Just take your device and look for another repairer.

It is better because you may be told cock and bull story when it is time to collect your device.

Shun touts Th e best way to lose your phone or device is patronising touts.

Th ey are all over the place.

As you saunter into the computer village, they beckon on you asking do you want to buy, sell or repair? Please shun them.

Do not patronise them.

Go to a proper repair shop where you get a receipt for repairs.

Although it may be expensive, you are assured that your device will not be stuck.

Don’t do third party repair What is third party repair? Th is is when you give your device to an engineer who passes it to another engineer that is unknown to you.

When there is any situation, you disturb your own engineer who in turn talk to whoever he gave your device.

Between the two of them, you may never get your device back and even if you get it, it may not be fully functional.

When there is any back and forth, go with a soldier Th is should be the last resort.

When you have done everything humanly possible to get back your device and it has proved abortive.

Th e next thing you should do is to visit your engineer with two stern looking soldiers.

Leave everything to them.

Your device will come out within 5 minutes.

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