GAGUT, God’s solution to man’s problem – Oyibo

World renowned mathematician, Professor Gabriel Oyibo, has once again reiterated that the to the problems of mankind, especially the black race, is found in the God Almighty Grand Unification Theorem (GAGUT) he propounded to unify all known forces for the development of mankind.

Professor Oyibo was speaking via a video press conference monitored in Thursday.

According to the foremost mathematical physicist based in the United States, God has given the black man the grand to the problems of life, saying such rare privileges are not given to the white race. He, however, said little does the black man know that he has the solutions to the problems of the world.

Speaking at the conference, Dr Sunday Uhiene of APPIT Institute of Nigeria, said the current strength of America lies on the strength of Oyibo’s discovery.

According to him, “His discovery is from God as he stands on the shoulders of people like Isaac Newton. His formula be applied in the field of health, agriculture, and has all the solutions to the problems of mankind; however, it is not projected as it should be.

“People need to know more about GAGUT theory and it should be taught in all schools in Nigeria and Africa. Honestly, this theory puts Africa ahead of the world and I expect that Nigerian would take advantage of this discovery for the benefit of our people.”

On his part, the Attah of Igala, Dr Michael Ameh Oboni II, who graced the occasion in his both as a classmate of the mathematician and royal father, lamented the non-recognition by Nigerian of notable Igala scientists who are highly sought after overseas. He listed persons like Dr Jeremiah Abalaka, Dr Jacob Abdullahi and Amodu whose medical exploits in the world of diseases like HIV/AIDS and cancer are applauded outside the country.

He noted that Professor Oyibo’s research “is a product of the inspiration of the ancestors of the black man which should be given its pride of place.”

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