Ganduje, kindly lift the ban on Sheikh Abduljabbar

Leader of the Islamic movement, ‘Mujamma’u Ashabul Kahfy We, Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara, was banned by the Governor Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano state in February this year following complaints by some Islamic scholars in the state.

The governor was, of course, misled by those clerics who are hostile to Sheikh Abduljabbar, but if the governor had known what Sheikh Abduljabbar and his movement stand for, I believe he wouldn’t have taken that supposedly rash decision and action.

I am not here to point out the judicial lapses and security blunders of the episode, but rather take exception to the actions of these Islamic scholars who appear to be a group of antagonists who cannot understand B from bull’s foot.

They worked hard to come out with a blasphemous blackmail that was strong enough to trigger mayhem in the country.

I also suspect strongly dirty political games played by foreign countries who seem to be unhappy with our peaceful co-existence, development and growth as a nation and so they use the bad ones among our fellow citizens to carry out their plan.

Yes! Saudi Arabia has seemingly proved to be one when they allegedly came out in the past and confessed their involvement in the 2016 tragedy that claimed thousands of lives in this country in the attempt to abolish what they call Shi’ism in Nigeria.

This is one of the motives of ‘Salafists’, otherwise known as ‘Izalites’, here and everywhere. They try to eliminate their rivals by all means forgetting that the constitution of Nigeria gives every citizen freedom of religion, thought and assembly.

They bastardized shi’ism and always hang the name ‘Shi’a’ on whoever they want to destroy as commonly said, “whoever wants to hang a dog, he gives it a bad name”.

Glory be to Allah, even though we all are paying for the mistakes of believing and listening to these people concerning the 2016 episode, we are still existing as a nation with no resultant violence, contrary to their anticipation. It seems we are bound to remain one nation, one destiny by the grace of Almighty Allah.

On the other hand, Your Excellency Governor Ganduje, one can perceive that these mischievous clerics (Sheikh Abduljabbar’s antagonists) are not only capable of setting the country ablaze, but also to tactfully damageyour political career. I believe you are great in the country’s political system with a good chance to maintain and improve your position. But the situation seems to be practically difficult as evidenced by the parasites surrounding you.

I therefore urge you to stay professional distance from them and relate with your people personally. Nevertheless, I give you kudos Dr Ganduje for handling the matter maturely, particularly when you listened to the request of our beloved scholar Sheikh Abduljabbar pleading for a dialogue between him and his rivals for the truth to be revealed.

I believe dialogue is the only solution to sort out the differences. But unfortunately, the same foes of Sheikh Abduljabbar rejected dialogue on flimsy excuses.

What these Salafi clerics forgot is that they too have deviated from the religious norms and practices being practised for hundreds of years in Nigeria when they imported another form of ‘tauhid’ describing Allah as human against the ‘Ash’ari’ belief of unique God, introduced ‘hanbali’s jurisprudence against the known ‘maliki’s jurisprudence.

In , every responsible person will suggest that dialogue is the best way out. At this point, I commend each and every one from all muslims sects that reason with us in this regard.

However, it is disturbing that we and our beloved Sheikh are still left in darkness as our mosque is still shut and we do not know our fate. No dialogue and Sheikh Abduljabbar’s rivals continue with their programmes with liberty – and this takes place in a democratic country like Nigeria.

Everyone can now understand that Sheikh Abduljabbar’s rival clerics have no iota of truth in their claims and so they cannot defend themselves, hence their refusal to participate in the dialogue. They have only ganged up to cause mischief, play a game like a royal rumble of Wrestlemania.

It is worthy to note that our activities are transparent, books written and taught by our Sheikh Abduljabbar are available in the market. None of our actions ever conflict with the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and so we have never been a threat to peace anywhere in the country.

Our annual ‘Maulud’ gathering in Kano though religious, it is economical to the state where people from within and outside the country gathered to commemorate the birth of our beloved prophet (SAW) with no burden to the government or anybody. This facilitates and boosts trade in the state.

Finally, ‘Mujamma’u Ashabul Kahfy Warrakeem whose leader is Sheikh Abduljabbar is a school of thought for Muslim unity and peaceful co-existence.

While I believe that Ganduje is concerned about the current state of things, I call for the immediate lifting of the order closing Sheikh Abduljabbar’s mosque and allow him to continue with his preachings pending the conclusion for the date of the dialogue between him and his antagonists.

Santuraki writes on behalf of Forum of Executives of Mujamma’u Ashabul Kahfy Warrakeem Worldwide.