Gbajabiamila, we don’t need eloquent speakers, but good leaders


The speech delivered by the speaker, House of Representatives, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, to condemn the attacks on the protesters of #EndSars by the Nigeria Police Force, is indeed a persuasive speech that can easily brainwash those that their memories forget history. 

Before now, persuasive speeches were given by this ongoing government on making fuel N45 per litre, putting the healthcare system in order to restrict treatments abroad, ensuring free and compulsory education for children to take them off the streets to curtail begging, hawking, poverty and many more, but all the speeches remain words of mouth and none of the things said in those speeches has been implemented.

We are used to this kind of speech. Therefore, a good speech is not the solution to any of our problems since those who give them don’t match their words with action. President Muhammadu Buhari’s speeches that made many to vote him into power in 2015 were supple but of what use now that the things said in the speeches could not be seen anywhere in the country.
Where are the 4 million jobs he promised to be creating each year? Where are the functioning refineries he promised to build? What about the killings of Nigerians by Boko Haram he promised to end with deadline given as December 2015? Where is the N45 fuel per litre? What about the poverty he vowed to end? 24 hours power supply promised, patronising made in Nigeria promise was even the first one the president violated by spending the better part of his time at a London hospital.
Nigerians should not allow themselves to be deceived by Gbajabiamila’s speech.

There is nothing birds of a feather can do that will be different from their usual system or tradition known to be unrealistic, futureless, and unprofitable.
Our leaders should know that #ENDSARS is not the only thing we are fighting, bad leadership, corruption, electricity tariff increment, fuel increment, the increment in house rent, collection of taxes that end up in private pockets, election malpractice, poor funding of education, poor healthcare system, bad roads, herdsmen killings, Boko Haram, discrimination in job offers, poverty, excessive salaries and allowances of political office holders, harassment of marketers by the needless tax force across the country, the ban on freedom of speech and the use of hate speech to cover-up. The list is endless.

This is our country and we will do all that is necessary to sustain it and enjoy it the same way our corrupt leaders have been enjoying the country. If a senator must travel abroad for a medical treatment, drive the most expensive cars, sleep in the best hotel or house, use plane for his interstate movements, have 24 hours power supply in his house and so on, the same things all Nigerians should have access to. It won’t longer be accepted. 
Enough is enough!
Awunah Pius Terwase,Mpape, Abuja.09052385238[email protected]

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