God will judge oppressors in Nigeria – Enugu Cleric

Man of God, Pastor Polycarp Ugwu, the General Overseer of Voice of
Freedom Christian Fellowship International, Enugu, Pastor Polycarp
Ugwu, has prophesied that men in high places, oppressors and
tormentors of Nigeria will be judged by God this year, 2019

Ugwu who made this prophesy while delivering a sermon taken from
Isaiah 41: 10-14, Sunday revealed that some men who feel they were
untouchable in Nigeria will come under the judgement of God.

“This is a year in which God will send judgement on the oppressors of
this nation. Evil men in this nation will not escape God’s judgement.
Men in high places will be judged.

“These are men who do not have regard or fear for God. But He will
bring them down. It will surprise everyone. They think they have
absolute control over this nation, but God will bring them down. God
will arise and help this nation. Their sins shall find them out.

“This year, God will disgrace these men who think that what they do
are secrets. Their sins will find them out. God will show men that he
is the owner of this nation,” he said.

He however advised Christians to draw closer to God and stop being
merely religious adding that religion was the reason why sin and crime
are on the increase, regardless of the proliferation of churches.

“What God needs is for his people to come close to Him. You cannot
expect God to rise for you when you have decided to stay afar off. The
benefit of being close is that He will put smiles on your face.

“God is not a religious spirit; the devil is. So Christians should
seek to know God. This explains why there are so many churches but
evil keep increasing. People go to church but they don’t know God.

“You can’t be a child of God and still live in corruption and lies.
Christians should know that prayer and sacrifice cannot cover
disobedience in the eyes of God,” he warned.

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