Godfatherism: Northern group backs el-Rufai, carpets Tinubu

A Northern group has thrown its weight behind Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna state over his comments on neutralizing godfatherism for true democracy and development of the country.   

The Allied Vanguard for Defence of Democracy, while declaring their support for el-Rufai, described the responses by Sen. Bola Tinubu’s boys as the ranting of ants, noting that the lame response by the Tinubu boys only goes to confirm the level at which Tinubu has manipulated the total available activity in the South West political environment.

Speaking through its Chairman, Malam, Mohammed Sabiu Turaki, the group said, “the desperate response, though grossly inadequate, is a further testimony to Tinubu’s entrenched fear of an imminent loss of control of almost a decade old grip on the south western political space. 

“Tinubu is afraid that el-Rufai’s comments could awaken the spirit of self preservation in the younger generation of South westerners signalling an early demise of an era of domination by Tinubu and his ilk.” 

According to the Group, “we want to warn Tinubu’s hired troubleshooters to respect the democratically defined extents and limits as they attempt to protect the diminishing era of godfatherism. Governor el-Rufai was right to have suggested that a political space devoid of the undue dominance of godfathers is achievable in Nigeria including the Lagos axis where Tinubu holds sway.

“Governor el-Rufai has uprooted the pillars of fascist godfatherism and flushed it out of the political system of Kaduna state. The fear of the imminent reality of el-Rufai ending the godfather syndrome in other places, must have informed Tinubu’s careless reaction that only exposed his desperation for the nation’s presidency in 2023.

“It must also have informed his desperate move to disrupt the Northern voter strength by attempting to dislocate the region’s political hub domiciled in Kano. This follows his perception of an impending defeat in the battle for the control of the soul of the National Assembly after the North had seen through his antics and is poised to scuttle it,” Turaki said.

“For the avoidance of doubt, we are solidly behind el-Rufai and his anti-godfatherism drive and shall spare no effort in promoting and protecting it,” Turaki added.

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