God’ll intervene in Nigeria’s situation – Cleric


A renowned evangelist from Bende local government in Abia state, Ezekiel Acha, has assured Nigerians that God has revealed to him during an encounter that he would emancipate the country from the present crisis.
He said the voice of Almighty came to him saying: “Ezekiel, now you should go to Abuja, that great city of the nation called Nigeria for evangelism. When you get there, I the Almighty God will give you a message for the entire nation Nigeria”.
Speaking further, he said the Lord has sent him to that nation of rebels who have turned against the Almighty saying, “Thus says the Lord God whether they hear or refuse to hear, for they will know that a prophet has been among them and you Ezekiel be not afraid of them or their words. Only do exactly what I the Almighty God told you”.
He prophesied that, “it is time to give my people good leaders come 2019, those who will show them love, peace, unity, kindness and also bring justice to all levels and no more rulers anymore”.
The prophet said the Almighty instructed him to use seven different newspapers in authority to publish these claims, so that many will see, hear, read and know.


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