Goje versus Dankwambo: A denial of destiny

Senator Danjuma Goje was recently reported as saying; I regret making Dankwambo Governor in 2011. The story begged for my response for two fundamental reasons; for one, it has to do with someone losing his Islamic faith and secondly, it contains brutal lies concerning my state politics. Being a Muslim and a firm believer of Islamic doctrine and dogma, I found it unbelievable for someone like Goje at the age of over 60 years to have claimed making Dankwambo a governor in 2011.

While in Islam, in many verses of the Holy Book, Allah has says; He gave power to whom He wishes and at a time He so wishes. He also tells us that; He freely ordained all that will happen to us. But am astonished when an individual among us will come out and claim power especially as it’s happened in an era where Islamic knowledge is everywhere.

I therefore, recommend that person to urgently go back to enroll self in an informal Islamic school, seek forgiveness on the utterances made and equally stop bringing issues that may be detrimental to your stand and status in Islam and your religious belief as a whole in search for political relevance. And I think if you had anything to regret during your regime as a governor, it could have been the orchestrated political thuggery that was given birth by your government which had destroyed the future of our teeming youths.

More pathetically, you should have cleared yourself on the corruptions charges hanging on your neck than deceiving people for selfish ends.
Secondly, I was opportune to have witnessed in the entire political activities and processes that culminated in what we have and where we’re today in Gombe State; telling us anything different will amount to the outright denial of our psychological right.

Down memory lane, more than 11 persons including Dankwambo had eyed the gubernatorial ticket of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, during the 2011 general election to succeed Danjuma Goje whose second tenure elapsed in 2011.

Dankwambo who was then the Accountant General of the Federation had to resigned to pursue his political career simply because, many sons and daughters of Gombe State believed that, he was the only alternative to all the arrays of contenders seeking to grab our mandate on the platform of PDP due to his vast experience coupled to his stint in the AGF’s office.

It was the people of the state that mounted an unrelented pressure on him to contest for the highest office in the Gombe to which he acceded. While many had alleged that the power of Dankwambo’s bank account also lured Goje to consider Dankwambo against the other contenders, others also believed it was the game of give and take that took place in Gombe politics and the highest bidder had the day.

But all the same, people of Gombe State had rally round the candidature of Talban Gombe and today, within less than four years, he has justified the mandate and trust reposed on him by the electorate and instead of regretting, we thank Allah for the gift and blessing in making Dankwambo our governor. We will continue to support him come 2015 and beyond and in referring to governor Dankwambo’s administration as shackle by Goje, it is laughable, myopic and highly insensitive.

How could somebody, whose tenure as a state minister of power was tinted with allegations of corruption and his two-term tenure as governor was accompanied with unresolved corruption charges and abuse of human rights, accuse the Dankwambo administration that restored human value system, transparency and accountability in the act of governance? How could Goje, whose locust ravaging regime that left the state in total despair and despondency, think of deceiving people again under the pretense of APC? Why should APC that claims transparency trust a person with dented image with its leadership in the state?

An adage in Hausa says; ‘Kan Mage Ya waye’ we will therefore, not allow ourselves to be advocates of corruption and political thuggery. Let me state categorically, the person on the mantle of leadership in Gombe State has worked in different places and positions and has never been doubted by anybody or accused of corruption. His credibility is something to write home about and we will never allow or see him belittled by failed and fake leaders in disguise. It’s obvious that, Goje being in APC has portrayed his desperateness for power and primitive accumulation of wealth.

The internal crisis rocking the state chapter of the party is a clear manifestation of Goje’s greed and the kind of characters he appointed instead of holding congress in the Gombe State APC’s leadership has justified his status and persona.

Thinking of ousting governor Dankwambo from power by Goje is a day dream because if democracy is all about development, in Gombe State under the Talba’s purposeful regime we are getting to the Promised Land. The unprecedented achievements recorded just within three years of this democracy and its dividends have been practically defined by the Dankwambo’s stewardship in Gombe. We are being mindful of Allah’s destiny

Engineer Gombe wrote from Gombe

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