Gombe PDP and Nafada’s political moonlight

In the cyclone and political monsoon of defection, the Muhammadu Buhari’s All Progressives Congress, APC, recently and once again suffered a debilitating loss following the defection of distinguished Senator Bayero Nafada alongside many others from the party back to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, his former party.
Even though many defections have taken place, and more exits seem to be very imminent, the return of Bayero Nafada to his party, the PDP, holds significant value in the political equation and analysis particularly his home state, Gombe, where his coming has changed the political narratives and direction.
This is because to all the political watchers and his supporters, the successor of Governor Dankwambo has arrived.
Bayero Nafada is undoubtedly a very astute politician who has been in the mainstream of political process for quite some time both at the national and state levels.
This is a grassroots politician brand who has earned and sustained the trust of his constituency and those opportune to have come close to him.
Gombe state is, indeed, a unique political climate.
And a very interesting political atmosphere in which the people unequivocally state their stands when it comes to the choice of leadership, promotion of good governance, and sustenance of democracy.
Notably, the state is home to a very awoken electorates whose attachment is not in some kind of political bandwagon but an attachment to quality leadership and effective representation.
This is why the likes of Senator Bayero Nafada could rise through the ranks to his current position as a lawmaker in the hallowed chamber of the National Assembly.
With the return of Bayero Nafada to its fold, the view is that, the PDP is bouncing back to its full strength and potential.
The party is also fast solidifying in the face of popular dissatisfaction with the performance of the ruling APC on one hand, and the consequent conscientious defection from the party by politicians of high standing like Nafada.
These army of defectors appear to have a consensus on rebuilding the country and their respective states in various capacities on the platforms of the PDP in the coming years.
But what does the return of Sen Bayero Nafada hold for the Gombe PDP family? The facts remain clear that, as a man who has immense followers in the state and long entrenched political structure, Nafada’s return and his long-term interest in the governorship of the state is a fine prospect for a state that needs all the competence it can get in sustaining the good work of the outgoing administration of Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo.
Despite being elected on the platform of two different political parties in 2015, there is an interesting relationship between the political relevance of the duo of Dankwambo and Nafada.
Their interest is centered around the citizens and purposeful governance, because the two have deep love for their people.
And, in the manner of cause and effect, the Gombe electorate are so much in love with their political aspirations that it could the reasons for their political sportsmanship.
In spotting his intimidating political credentials, after serving meritoriously in the Gombe State House of Assembly and proceeding to the lower chamber of the National Assembly where he was deputy to speaker Dimeji Bankole, he later contested the Senate seat representing Gombe North Senatorial District on the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in 2015.
He won In spite of the PDP’s victory in the state.
This was a significant adventure to note.
It was very significant seeing that a PDP candidate, Dankwambo, already had a significant following among Gombe electorate.
Long story short, both won.
Dankwambo, Nafada.
The sense in this flashback is the reality that Distinguished Senator Bayero Nafada is no mean deal in the Gombe political scheme of things.
He has a huge political capital that holds so much prospect for the post Dankwambo future of Gombe PDP and the nation at large.
Bad things need attention but good things such as the state of Gombe requires much more care and competence to sustain and consolidate the good tidings.
In fact, this is the soul of the matter.
There is a sense in getting Sen Nafada to contest the governorship of Gombe state even if he does not yet indicate his interest to throw in the hat in the hottest political ring.
It is, for all intent and purposes, a good deal for his party and more importantly the good people of Gombe state.
The PDP must deploy every mechanism of internal democracy to ensure that the most popular and strong candidate emerges.
The era of hand picking a flag bearer and or an anointing a successor must never again be allowed to stifle the bright chances of promising candidates like the Distinguished Senator Nafada.
The state of Gombe must be encouraged by the strength of democracy and democratic principles to make good use of its best.
Dankwambo led administration is an unassailable evidence of this fact.
Let us have another illustrious son, Nafada, to take our state to the next level.
Sen Bayero Nafada can do it in the upcoming election and subsequently governing the state in the most decent, transparent, and competent manner.
Muhammed writes from Gombe

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