Gombe to generate 450 megawatts of electricity from coal

Governor Yahaya


The Gombe has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Chinese conglomerate, TBEA Company Limited and Chinese Railway 18th Bureau Group, parent company of the EEC to generate 450 megawatts of electricity in three phases of 150 megawatts each from coal deposits in the state.  

Speaking during the ceremony at  House, Inuwa Yahaya, said the signing of the MoU was another milestone in  his administration’s to improve on the lives and means of livelihood of the people. 

He said Gombe is one of the states richly endowed with human, solid minerals, forestry and agricultural resources but that several attempts overtime to find ways of improving the lives of the people through the natural endowments had not been followed to a logical conclusion. 

“God almighty has endowed Gombe with a lot of coal deposits, other solid minerals as well as oil and gas. You might have heard that recently I was at the Villa to see Mr. President on how we could fast- track the of exploiting the oil and gas deposits that the state is blessed with.”

The said the state is equally making efforts to harness the coal resources so that it can be used to generate power, stimulate and

“We all know that without power, hardly could anything be achieved in the course of industrialisation and bringing development to the people,” he said. 

He stated further that the meeting with TBEA Company Limited and Chinese Railway 18th Bureau Group which are the parent company of EEC Limited provides a golden opportunity for a mutual relation that will lead to power generation and trigger industrial  development in Gombe, the north east and the entire country. 

 The said after series of engagements, both the state and the two Chinese firms eventually agreed to consummate the pact through the signing of the MoU which will form the basis for the exploitation and utilisation of coal deposits in the state. 

“So far it is only the Ashaka cement that is benefiting from the coal deposits in the state and when we visited Ashaka recently we discovered that the plant they are putting up will cover only about 18 megawatts.” 

He added that the with the Chinese firms is going to be in three phases which will see each of these phases setting up a one hundred and fifty megawatts, enough to supply power to the North east and beyond. 

The , TBEA Company Limited,  Chang Weijuin, said the conglomerate which is into power generation for global market, has the capacity to harness the abundant human and natural resources Gombe is endowed with, particularly the coal deposits for the benefit of the people of the state. 

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