Goro deserves re-election

As we move closer to the 2023 general elections, no matter how hard some representatives try to mislead some gullible minds, I have to say, some Members of the National Assembly from my home state of Kano don’t deserve to get re-elected into their respective seats. Deserving re-election requires one to work tirelessly for his constituents. Every member has been mandated to closely carry his constituents along when making decisions. But some of them reneged on their campaign pledge thereby neglecting their constituents’ plights.

In the 2023 elections party affiliations may not favour aspirants’ plights. Only those who provide democracy dividends will be awarded with re-election. Basically, whoever delivers good will reap good. Therefore, I’ll use Aminu Suleiman Goro as my case study. One must doff his hat for Rep Aminu Suleiman Goro, Chairman, House Committee on Tertiary Education and Services, for his good representation of Fagge federal constituency.

I’m delighted with Goro’s massive road projects acroos Fagge constituency. Fagge in its densely populated nature is a conglomeration of both Muslims and Christians with various ethnic groups of this country. Therefore, the manner with which Aminu Goro transparently considered everyone in sharing road projects and empowerment programmes must impress all and sundry. This has earned him wide acceptance in most parts of Nigeria.

As the chairman House Committee on Tertiary Education and Tetfund, Goro brought tremendous development not only to Fagge, but he North generally. Goro has performed marvelously both in terms of adequate provision of physical structures, and presentation of numerous bills favourable to tertiary education and Fagge constituents in particular.

Prior to his emergence, some areas of Fagge suffered bad roads. The lack of accessible roads resulted in flooding during rainy seasons thereby causing lose of lives and destruction of properties. But now, even the popular “Kogin Ata” (Ata’s Sea) now wears a good look, courtesy of Goro’s road projects. For Fagge constituents to get easy access to healthcare services, Goro built dispensaries with staff quarters.

Abbas Datti,
[email protected]

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