Gov Abubakar and political four-flushers


In a setting where it’s adopted, it’s illusive and ostensible that democratic system of governance has been generally accustomed and acclimatized as the culminating and nonpareil form of government that when genuinely practiced, and played according to the rules, it would give out its proverbial dividends and allotments to the general populace for attainments of more valuable and suitable mode of living. It is against this background that in all its definitions either literal or figurative, there have been people’s interest at the centre with equall participatory tendencies.
Hence, in a place where democracy is played and fucntioned properly, there must be a halcyon and crystal evidences of developments and progress with most sharpened and refined living standards. But, it’s quite impulsive and lamentable that despite the wider participation and the lengthened practice of democracy in Nigeria, there have been glaring inadequacies and political deliquencies saturating and clustering the system.
Therefore, this has explicitly culminated into so many dead weights and encumbrance leadership in the country where egocentric, hoggish and narcissistics have been the common attributes of the majority of the present day politicians and the government they lead.
Apprently, in every burning and clamorous political bearing, there are exceptional and silent few that decided to toe the line of the purposive and committed leaders who view leadership as the singular means of giving back to society the preeminent stewardship that could change the people’s condition from despondency, despair and melancholy to hopefulness and blitheness and Barrister Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar, Governor of Bauchi state, as convincingly proven that, he’s on the unshakeable mission to librate the people of the state from the political bondage and administrative drudgery that shackled the state during the previous regimes of financial locust that conspire to revage the state’s treasury for personal aggrandizement to the detriment of the hapless citizens who were left behind the eightball.
Governor Abubakar on his emergence in 2015, astonishingly realized that Bauchi state treasury has been siphoned by his predecessor while many valuable properties and assets belonging to the state government have been diverted and purloined by some cabal. More worrisome and agonizing was the huge debt profile and salary backlog that has hobbled the state civil service. While the state’s recurrent expenditure was overburdened with sky-scraping number of ghost workers and fake vouchers floating the ministries and departments where the monies appropriated followed the conduits of those political kleptomaniac and their cohorts.
Interestingly, armed with a single zeal to deliver on his campaign promises, Governor M.A Abubakar in his readiness to block the financial leakages ordered the immediate verification of workers in the payroll of government. That has significantly and drastically been successful as many ghost workers have been uncovered. In his effort to recover all the stolen monies and properties belonging to Bauchi State Government by the past administration, Governor Abubakar has signed into law, the establishment of the Public Property and Funds Recovery Tribunal Act, 2017.
This became necessary due to the report submitted by the Committee on State Assets Recovery which, among other recommendations, called for the setting up of the tribunal. Its membership are to be derived from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Independent Corrupt Practices Commission (ICPC), Police and Code of Conduct Bureau while chairman of the tribunal shall be a serving or retired high court judge of the state with its secretary being a lawyer to be appointed by the attorney general of the state.
Equally, the chunk of inherited administrative burden by the Governor Abubakar administration has not been an alibi for him not to deliver his campaign promises as he piloted a marshal plan and strategies in moving the state forward amidst contending challenges and constraints which are to him, surmountable.
In Bauchi state today, roads are constructed in different locations in most of the local government areas, schools were either newly built or renovated, agricultural development has received uncommon attention with provision of subsidized fertilizer and the revival of the indigenous fertilizer company. There have been different empowerment programmes to gainfully absorb the vunerable unemployed youths in the state and above all, the administration has also successfully paid considerable percentage of the inherited debts and the recent collaboration between Governor Abubakar administration and the Central Bank of Nigeria on accelerated agricultural development scheme. The scheme, capable of creating 10,000 jobs for the teeming youth, is a welcome initiative
On account of the prudence and skilful stewardship of Governor Abubakar in Bauchi state, it is therefore absurd and political bizarre for those who aren’t been given a latitude in a normal ritual of treasury looting to have enjoyed financial embezzlement under Governor Abubakar’s administration to start antagonizing the governor and the platform that gave them avenue to be in leadership at various capacities. Many of them were part of the PDP administration that has during their regime turned the state treasury like war booties that was shared among themselves, and left the citizens holding the short end of the stick walloying in abject poverty and financial barrenness.
To the ever determined governor, it’s not yet time for politicking and unwarranted political salmagundis but a time to fulfill his campaign promises and give out his best to the people of the state. And it will be rather unfortunate and absolute misrepresentation of priority for someone that has leveraged on the people’s votes, and Buhari’s Change Hurricane to start scheming against the same party due his selfish and ill motives against the APC and the good people of Bauchi State. What Gov. Abubakar is doing in Bauchi is clear implementation of the Buhari’s Change Agenda as encapsulated in the party’s manifesto and the people of the state are happy and willing to continue giving their support to the party.

Sani writes from Bauchi


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