Gov Abubakar’s agric revolution in Bauchi,–By SHAMSUDEEN LUKMAN ABUBAKAR

It’s clear that, it was in an attempt and edacious readiness to get a workable system of civilian government devoid of political ambidextrousness and where the axiomatic dividends of democracy could be explicitly reaped, Nigerians had during the 2015 general elections congregated and voted for the President Muhammadu Buhari’s ‘Change Regime’ on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).
It’s now over two years since the emergence of the APC’s led administration in many states of the federation, particularly the north where out of its 19 states only 2 states were won by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) – Gombe and Taraba.
In a state where good governance fl ourishes, the masses are afl ame and delighted with the leadership style of their governors complemented with glaring and remarkable feats recorded within the period under review.
It is in line with this the good people of Bauchi state have evidently justifi ed the gracious harvest of the goodies they have sown by voting the purposeful stewardship of Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar into power.
Certainly, leadership and statesmanship are not easy or trifl ing tasks as those who aim for true greatness in the art of governance must of necessity be enamored with certain attributes or qualities that stand them out from the pack and accord them rightful place among deserving personalities who have stood the test of time and are still found unassailable and unrivalled in all positive indices of leadership.
Down history lane, without any prejudice, during the First Republic, Sir Ahmadu Bello, the Sardauna of Sokoto who doubled as premier of the Northern Region, was seen as a repository of courage, wisdom, tolerance and fortitude.
Thus, he successfully led millions of the region’s indigenes and was a rallying point for the unity and cohesion of diverse religions, languages, cultures, and tendencies from that part of the country.
Therefore, till today, Sir Ahmadu Bello continues to be revered for bringing tremendous and frenetic development in academic, industrial and infrastructural sectors of the region while preaching tolerance and unity across the length and breadth of the nation as well as the sustenance of democratic ideals in all its positive spheres.
However, after the transition of the Sardauna, his successors both within the region and the nation at large did not follow through on his vision and dynamism thus spreading disenchantment and disillusion among the citizenry.
Indeed, many believed that politicians and public office holders alike were not to be trusted with the mantle of leadership or authority as they usually exhibit characters and attitudes that were disappointing to their followers.
But in every scenario, there is bound to be an exceptional story as all hope is not lost in the leadership arena if feelers from Bauchi state are anything to go by; Governor Abubakar has proved many doubters and naysayers wrong in his determination to take the social, economic, infrastructural and industrial development of the state to greater heights.
Therefore, to the people of Bauchi state, the present APC led government has set a paradigm change from the hitherto despondent and despair situation from the previous regimes where government was only accountable to some minorities who decide who gets what and what is to be done at the detriment of the majority.
To Governor Abubakar, the entire Bauchi state is his constituency and the whole people of the state are his constituents and therefore he’s the governor for all and when it comes to projects execution, it should spread evenly and justifiably too.
It’s in that spirited disposition and passion, Gov.
Abubakar had virtually within two years of his stewardship, transformed all the sectors of the state’s economy and the state civil service being critically and effectively overhauled to get rid of the old rituals where state’s funds go to the pockets of few individuals and workers’ salaries are paid at the pleasure of the leaders and their cohorts like a privilege, not their right.
All the sectors of the economy are visibly wearing a new look as roads and other infrastructure are everywhere with education and health sectors receiving serious attention.
However, agriculture as one of the major alternatives in revenue generation amidst a sharp fall in oil revenue is receiving a boost with an unprecedented breakthrough production under the green revolution of the Abubakar’s administration.
The Abubakar administration has resuscitated the longabandoned Bauchi Fertilizer Blending Company which recently resumed production after years of being in comatose.
The company has the capacity to produce and supply the fertilizer needs of Bauchi and Gombe states of about 60,000 combined metric tons of assorted NPK fertilizer.
As at the end of March 2017 it has produced and supplied over 10% percent to the two states with an apical increase in subsequent productions.
In the 2015 farming season, launched at Misau, the governor sold 10, 000 metric tons of fertilizer to farmers at a subsidized rate of N2, 750 and N3, 000 per bag of NPK and Urea, respectively to farmers.
Th e gesture was sustained for the 2016 and 2017 farming year with an annual increase of the procured quantity.
In the same vein, the government has procured 2, 500 metric tons of Urea fertilizer at the cost of N260 million and the state fertilizer company has produced and supplied over 3,000 metric tons of NPK fertilizer, respectively.
Equally, tractor hiring services were provided to farmers at a subsidized rate of N10, 000 per day.
To increase participation in the farming activities, the government has disbursed loans totaling N485 million to farmers’ cooperatives.
The State Ministry of Agriculture partnered with Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and helped 2,000 IDPs in the state to improve their food security.
FAO provided 60 metric tons of assorted improved crops seeds while the state government allocated fertilizer to the beneficiaries.
While to improve aquaculture, artisanal fisheries inputs comprising nets, fl oats, sinkers, ropes were distributed to 200 fishermen in groups of 5 under GESS.
Therefore, for one to sum up what was achieved only in agriculture within the two years of the Abubakar administration in Bauchi state in a single piece like this, he might be economical with the truth on the overall performance of the governor.
Abubakar writes from Bauchi



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